I undergraduate in Fashion Design. At college, I discover that Fashion wasn’t the area that I would like to work. At the same time, I found all the classes very very interesting. I enjoyed everything I learned and still in college I discovered what was a project: how to plan, organize, act, build, prototype, test. Although I didn’t work in Fashion industry, at that moment I learned the basis for my professional life.

Also, at college, I discovered Graphic Design. And that was my great passion! When I started my Graphic Design studies, I was quite amazed by all the concepts. How to build information to be understandable, logical, easy to use, clear, and at the same time, interesting, funny, engaging, pleasurable.

My next step happened when I started to access the Internet. That was a huge “Wow” moment. From the first website, I understand that it was what I want to do. It combines all the graphic design concepts but also the personal communication and expression. Now I could not only produce but also distribute all my ideas to practically the whole world. Learning HTML, and CSS after, was pretty easy at that moment. And I could call myself a web designer and webmaster.

My first professional experience was an internship as web designer and webmaster at a photography studio with Clicio Barroso. It was 1999 and while I was learning I could help developing websites for some important companies like Melissa and Valisere. These were their first websites and helped them to have their initial digital presence.

My first jobs were short-term experiences where I could learn a lot, try different methods and work in some projects that were the first ones of some Brazilian companies and institutions like Catho (actually part of Seek Group), Anhembi Morumbi University and UOL.

Key achievements of this period: building some of the first projects at these companies, starting their digital presence.

Main activities:
Web designer webmaster, building websites with HTML and CSS.