Luciana Terceiro

UX & User Research

Talks, lectures, and events

Conferences and events that I have the honour to contribute

One of the things that I’m most proud of is how the UX community is generous and shares experience and knowledge. I feel lucky that I’m also part of this community. I collaborated with IxDA São Paulo from 2015 to 2019 and Service Design Network Brazil from 2016. I also facilitated many workshops through the Coletivo Mola initiative.

I’m also glad that I had the opportunity to talk at great conferences and events:

Creating and developing at a distance — Away from the office but close to the heart

Interaction 2018 – Lyon, France

Talk about remote work and how to create an environment of trust and safety. Read more information at the Conference website.

Design Sprint for real

UXConf BR 2017

A workshop where I presented how to plan and conduct a design sprint, with tips and tricks from experience.

Inspector Gadget and the challenge of setting up creative research tools

UXConf BR 2016

Talk about how to put user research into practice, no matter the finance, time, or other resource limitations and restrictions.

Design as an enabler of entrepreneurship

World Information Architecture Day (WIAD) 2016

Talk about how design can contribute to empowering entrepreneurship.

Talk recording – presentation in Portuguese

Cyberurbans and Intermediaries: The New Individuals in Focus

EPIC Conference 2015, São Paulo, Brazil

PechaKucha presented at EPIC 2015, where I explored the concept that our urban centres are now places with several layers of information, physically and digitally, and people are both immersed and providing these layers.

About the presentation on EPIC website.

Leading a multidisciplinary UX team towards a common goal

Interaction South America 2015

Talk about processes, methodologies and tools to motivate and harness the potential of an interdisciplinary team, working on different fronts of the same product while maintaining the coherence and the same experience across all channels and services.

Beyond screens: UX on mobile devices

UXConf BR 2015

Talk about challenges when designing solutions for mobile devices. Android and iOS-based devices are popular platforms, so their problems are well-known (and, often, the workarounds too). However, other devices, such as card reader devices, present challenges that have not yet been explored.

Talk recording – presentation in Portuguese

UOL HOST: diplomacy for a good experience

Interaction South America 2013

In this lecture, I tell how product analysts started to follow the programmers’ test environment and brought the designers into the development process, creating an environment of diplomacy and space for conversation, where the necessary continuity for developing a product was possible and viable.

I spent so much time developing this product, but no one uses it. What now?

Engineering and Computing Week – Industrial Engineering College (FEI) 2013

From architect to information detective

World Information Architecture Day (WIAD) 2013

In this talk, Ana Paula Batista and I spoke about how we incorporated user research within our UX team instead of relying on external consultant agencies and how was the change process.

Introduction to user experience work

Mackenzie Day 2013

Lecture about UX design and research processes to Mackenzie University students.

How to satisfy your users (and make them speak well of you)

Campus Party 2013

Ana Paula Batista and I spoke about how a good experience means more satisfied customers in this talk, knowing how to meet them and their needs.

Innovation in financial systems

World Usability Day (WUD) 2012

I participated in the “Innovation in financial systems” panel.