Luciana Terceiro

UX & User Research

About me

Hi! My name is Luciana Terceiro, and I’m a Brazilian designer living in Stockholm, Sweden, since 2017. 

I’m a designer, and I chose this journey because the design provides me with the tools and methods to express my creativity while building and shaping a better world. Although I’m pretty aware of the problems design has caused, I still have an optimistic view that we can put it into practice to revert many of the issues.

I don’t believe in design as lonely activity either. Design is to be executed together in an environment of diversity and inclusion, with respect and ethics. These values are the fundamentals of what I believe is a good and fair design practice.

Professional journey

I have worked in the digital design field for more than 20 years, with experience in companies related to finance, market research, media, education, health, and web hosting, among others.

During my professional life, I’ve worked as a UX designer and user researcher, producing not only the expected artefacts but also facilitating conversations, leading teams towards common goals, encouraging people, negotiating, and collaborating to build a trusty and safe environment for collaborators. Check the companies I worked with on my resume and some of the professional projects I collaborated on.

Some of my activities:

  • Planning and designing the user experience for websites and apps. Prototyping in all forms, from paper prototyping and low fidelity to high-fidelity mockups and producing final visuals.
  • Apply user research to investigate a broad range of subjects using mainly qualitative methods like usability testing, user interviews, ethnographic studies, and card sorting.
  • Evaluations as heuristics analysis and competitors benchmarks.
  • I facilitate several co-creation and prioritisation dynamics as design sprints, using methods and tools like business model canvas, value proposition canvas, empathy maps, crazy-8 etc.
  • Writing stories and prioritising backlogs for scrum teams.

Academic background

Besides working in the industry, I’m passionate about learning and studying new things. I have a Bachelor’s in Fashion Design and attended the Business Developer Program at Hyper Island.

Also, I have a Master’s degree in Technology and Digital Design from the Pontifical Catholic University and a Master’s in Social Anthropology from Stockholm University. Currently, I’m part of the Oscar Sala Chair, from the University of São Paulo, as a researcher in the Human-Algorithm Interactions project led by Prof. Virgilio Almeida.

I also have teaching experience. For two years, I worked as an instructor on UX design and Design Thinking extension courses offered by the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo.

UX Community

I’m passionate about the UX community. I’m one of the Ladies that UX Stockholm local leaders, but I also collaborated for some years with the IxDA as São Paulo local leader (2015-2019) and the Brazilian Service Design Network community. I also participated in several conferences and events.

Non-profit projects

I also collaborated on non-profit projects, mostly initiatives to empower women in technology, such as UPWIT and Deevas of Technology, and also projects connected to other topics like remote work, design, and libraries.

I also collaborated with the entrepreneurship initiatives in São Paulo by co-founding the Coletivo Mola, where we promoted several workshops to micro and small businesses.