Luciana Terceiro

UX & User Research


Hi! I’m Luciana Terceiro, a Senior User Experience designer and MSc in Social Anthropology. And now, a PhD student at the Uppsala University :)

I’m skilled in the design process, from concept to development

It means I can perform all the steps, from discovery, user research, problem definition and framing, requirements definition and prioritisation, prototyping, experiments and feedback sessions, development within a multidisciplinary team, and follow up results.


  • Planning and designing the user experience for websites and apps. Prototyping in all forms, from paper prototyping and low fidelity to high-fidelity mockups and producing final visuals.
  • Apply user research to investigate a broad range of subjects using mainly qualitative methods like usability testing, user interviews, ethnographic studies, and card sorting.
  • Evaluations as heuristics analysis and competitors benchmarks.
  • Facilitation of co-creation sessions and prioritisation dynamics as design sprints, using methods and tools like business model canvas, value proposition canvas, empathy maps, crazy-8 etc.
  • Writing stories and prioritising backlogs for scrum teams.


For other projects, check my professional portfolio.