Luciana Terceiro

UX & User Research


Professional career

May 2019 to June 2022

As a Sr. UX designer, I’ve worked on projects like subscription management and the tax-compliant component.

I collaborated on interaction design, user research, and development on the subscription management project.

In the cash register compliant component, I worked on the launch of the service for the French and German markets and improvements and continuous development for the Swedish and Norwegian versions. The scope of the work includes design, prototype, user research, workshop facilitation, and collaboration with other teams such as Customer Support, Marketing, and CRM.

January to December 2017

I worked as a freelance consultant for Round Pegs, helping in medical-focused projects for Dasa, a Brazilian company that owns more than 15 medical laboratories in the country. Both projects were designed during design sprints and heavily tested with users. The projects were developed with remote teams.

Main activities: workshop facilitator, UX designer, and researcher.

Key achievements: collaborating with the design sprint process inside Round Pegs; research of new tools to improve the remote work.

Since 2015

At Coletivo Mola, our mission is to learn about design processes and tools and share them with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that want to rethink their businesses. We offer design thinking training and workshops, working with tools and processes like user/consumer journey, value proposition, design sprint, among others. Our main focus is to help small businesses and NGOs, improving their abilities to survive in the market.

We offered free workshops for the entrepreneur community and volunteered at ADUS – Institute for Refugee Integration.

Main workshops:

  • Hospitalar Fair: the largest medical fair in Brazil, 2016
  • Virada Tecnológica at PUC SP, 2015
  • Workshops in-company, at companies like Walmart, 2016
  • Entrepreneur Week at USP – University of São Paulo, 2016

June 2005 to June 2016

I had two distinct moments at UOL. At the first moment, I started there as an information architect, and it was between Jun 2005 and 2010. We were building the Products User Experience and Interface department and introduced practices such as prototyping and user research there. 

In 2007 UOL was the first Brazilian company to adopt Scrum as the development process, and I received the scrum master certification. With this change, I worked as a Product Owner for about two years on some of the company’s projects.

UOL is a prominent Brazilian news company with an extensive portfolio of products and services. Working there, I had the opportunity to collaborate on a wide range of products such as UOL Radio, UOL Megastore, UOL Host, UOL Diveo, Notanet, Pagseguro etc.

June 2005 – December 2009 – UX designer

My main activities were: information architecture, prototyping, user research with usability tests, card sortings, ethnographic studies, market and competitors’ benchmarks, heuristic analysis, partnering with developers, and reviewing developed interfaces. As a PO, I also: write stories and validations, organise the teams’ routines, and negotiate with internal/inside clients.

Key achievements as UX designer: helping the team to implement the UX process in the company through planning, designing and researching more than ten different products and services. 

January 2010 to June 2016 – Head of the UX team

In the second moment (2010-2016), working as the team lead, my primary role was defining UX strategies, orienting team members about interface solutions, and defining and organising research. Initially, the team had around 12 designers. Over the years, the team gradually grew operations and led the UX strategy for all company products. In 2016, we were about 34 designers.

Key achievements as team lead:

Consolidate the importance of the UX process for the products and services offered by the company. As a result, all projects had a UX designer planning and researching during project development and maintaining the platforms. User research became a fundamental step to understanding and creating solutions.

Main projects of the period:

  • UOL Host: Microsoft integration – official partner to sell Office and mail services. I design the control panel and the e-mail communication between the platform and users.
  • Cloud Computing services: popular Brazilian service for local developers. Research with potential users and design the control panel and competitors’ benchmarks.
  • Webhosting – an easy-to-use web hosting panel for the non-technical public. One of the most robust Brazilian hosting services, with more than a million users. A/B tests, user research, interviews, usability tests.
  • Web stores: e-commerce platform for small businesses. Research and heuristics evaluation.


  • Payment gateway: the most popular online checkout in Brazil that allowed web stores to have their businesses online. 
  • Card reader interfaces: more than a million users. Usability tests, interviews, My team and I design the card readers’ interfaces, packages, paper manuals, and communication.
  • Internet banking: the general control panel for all services. 
  • Pre-paid card: sellers could transfer the money they received from online stores or POS machines to the prepaid card and use it as a regular debit card. 

Main activities on PagSeguro: prototyping, A/B tests, usability tests, user interviews.

June 2003 to June 2005

IBOPE was one of the biggest Brazilian market research companies. At the company, I led the design project of the new company’s website and their other projects like the reports web store and the Paulo Montenegro Institute website, the organisation dedicated to educational projects.

Key achievements:

  • Although IBOPE was a prominent company and a Brazilian reference for market and social research, it didn’t have a well-organised website where people could find all the information. In the new website, we looked for a robust information architecture that could allow the public to find the information quickly.
  • The e-commerce project allowed the company to sell their reports directly to interested clients. 

Mais activities:

Information architect, web designer; webmaster, building websites with HTML and CSS

Webmaster and web designer freelancer

January 2002 to June 2003

Developing and updating the Bookmakers Publishers websites. The projects were: Macmania Magazine, Cybercomics and Magnet Magazine. I also worked on other projects like the portfolio of the Brazilian artist Chico Niedzieslki and the ABED website (Brazilian Association for Online Education).

Key achievements: 

  • The Bookmakers magazines were remarkable innovative for the time, with a revolutionary language and approach. The websites followed the same approach and were one of the main channels at Terra Portal.
  • The ABED website was an important initiative to organize and aggregate all the Brazilian references about online education in one place.

Main activities:

Webdesigner; webmaster, building websites with HTML and CSS. Consultant/orientation on digital business.

January 2000 to December 2001

I worked for two years at Hiperlógica Automated Websites, where I developed projects for some companies like Globo Television, AmCham – American Chamber of Commerce and Bank Boston.

Key projects: 

  • One of the first Brazilian Internet Bankings for Bank Boston
  • Quizzes and entertainment hotsites for Globo Television, with more than one million users. The projects were linked to the television programs like soap operas.

Main activities:

Web designer; webmaster, building websites with HTML and CSS.

Python and Zope apprentice.