Luciana Terceiro

UX & User Reseach

Fashion Design Bachelor’s

Santa Marcelina College – 1995 – 1998

I started my journey into the design field in 1995, when I was accepted into the Fashion Design Bachelor’s program. During four years, I developed many projects that mixed different skills and competencies: multidisciplinary projects that combined design, drawing, sketching, photography, printmaking techniques, and project management.

Project management? Yes! During this academic period, besides all the technical competencies I’ve learned, I developed a sharp skill – and passion – for projects and project development, which I bring with me along my journey.

Conceptualise, ideate, create, explore, research, investigate, decide, select, leave behind, define, test, prototype, and experiment. I didn’t learn UX at college (it wasn’t a thing then), but I learned a process and a mindset for life.

Courses attended

  • Art History
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Visual Methodology
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Collection Planning
  • Jewellery
  • Serigraphy and printmaking
  • Technical drawing
  • Semiotics


Some of the projects developed during the program. Many of them combined two or more courses, consisting of multidisciplinary projects.

Project developed for jewellery and fashion illustration courses.
Project developed for photography and fashion illustration courses.
Project developed for fashion illustration course.
Project developed for photography course.
Project of a printed magazine developed for photography and graphic design courses.
Project developed for the photography course. Pictures were taken during costume theatre production internship with the Parlapatões, Patifes e Paspalhões group for the play PPP@WLLMSHKSPR (1998)
Project developed for photography and fashion design courses.
Play: The Murder of the Big Dick Dwarf (1998), from Plínio Marcos. The theatre play was staged by students from the Oswald de Andrade Cultural Centre workshops, including costumes, sets, and props. I was part of the costumes and props team. Article about the play (Portuguese).
Project for illustration and fashion courses.