Luciana Terceiro

UX & User Reseach

Coder Society

Business Developer Program 2019

Project developed for the Culture Creation & Change Management course

About the project

Coder Society is a platform for freelance developers, designers and product managers. When we developed the project, the company had about 150 collaborators. Although the company is based in Berlin, Germany, they have members worldwide. They focus on high-skilled and experienced professionals that can bring an innovative vision to the companies they support.

Our goal for this project was to help the Coder Society scale their culture, growing their community without losing its essence of collaboration and personal and technical development.

Our team for this project consisted of Patrick Doran, Manuela Cobos, Lucas Thome, Angela Pejoska, Emil Köpcke, and me.

Desk research about remote work

Investigating the company

Working with company culture demands that one learn about it first. Our first step in this project was understanding the Coder Society’s core values, what the community meant to its members and how they perceived it.

For that, we had two rounds of in-depth interviews: the first one with the founders and key employees and the second with five members and collaborators. We also observed interactions on the company’s Slack channels to complement the interviews.

Interviews and digital ethnography
Interviews debrief
Clustering findings

Building next steps

All gathered data were organised in clusters that guided us to elaborate a 1-day co-creation workshop with the founders and main contributors. In this workshop, we worked together to refine the company’s and community’s most relevant aspects and design actions and activities to expand their culture.

Drafting the workshop structure


The workshop’s results were consolidated in a report with findings and a strategic plan for the following actions within the community.

Our team and Coder Society