Luciana Terceiro

UX & User Reseach

Kodo Survey

Business Developer Program 2019

Project developed for the Driven by Data course

About the project

Kodo Survey is a Swedish SaaS platform that enables organisations to determine the ROI of their training and development activities in order to maximise investments.

For this project, our goal was to help the company increase its awareness by generating traffic to its website and creating leads while reducing online marketing costs.

Our team for this project consisted of Robin Kettula, Christian Rodriguez, Sophia Rehioui, Joel Balkow, Francisco Palavecino, and me.

Working with data

Our project consisted of 4 weeks of analysis and tests:

# Week 1

Existing data extraction and analysis. We analysed the data from the existing website and the online campaigns.

Drafting experiments

# Week 2

Generating insights and hypotheses; A/B testing. Starting from existing data, our team elaborated new versions of the website and ads and run the new options as A/B tests.

Programming the experiments

# Week 3

Running a new campaign; analysis of further data. After a week of the new campaign, we had data to analyse and compare with previous data.

Variations of content
Variations of website content
Tracking performance

# Week 4

Recommendations for online marketing and website. After the tests, we produced a report with recommendations for the website, content, information architecture, and ads.


With our tests and recommendations, the company had a decrease of about 50% in the bounce rate from the ads.

With a few simple tricks, the text on the left, video etc (a lot of what was in your report) in December we got the bounce rate down by 50% (from approx. 82% to approx. 41%)

Success! ☺️

Message from Kodo Survey founder