Luciana Terceiro

UX & User Reseach

Round Pegs – Sara Health Assistant

Sara Health Assistant was the first project of Round Pegs and Dasa, a company that joins Brazilian 25 brands of medical labs.

When you need to schedule some medical exams in Brazil, usually you call a lab and need to tell all the information to an attendant. It’s not an easy task, as the exams have some complicated names, different procedures, and above all, the patient wants to schedule all of them in the same day, in closer hours. And at the end of this process, the patient needs the health insurance’s answer, if the exams are all approved.

It’s a stressful process and it’s quite common to have problems and mistakes.

Designing an app where patients could schedule their exams, send their information and choose the best days and hours.

The process started with a design sprint, where the pain points were mapped and solutions were prototyped and tested.

In the following steps, we made developed a complete prototype and did deeper research in medical labs, interviewing patients and lab professionals. With the collected data, we improved the interface and resources.

Prototypes used in tests

The app was developed with a remote team, with developers from 4 different countries.

Final layouts 

The app is in the app stores.

My role
Prototyping and interviewing users.