Luciana Terceiro

UX & User Reseach

PagSeguro POS machines

PagSeguro is a well-known Brazilian solution for payments. Similar to PayPal, the company started more than 10 years ago as a payment gateway easy-to-use for small online stores.

While I was working at the company, we used to have new projects of different scales, and also the improvements of existing services. Some design projects were meant to look for the entire experience between services, like:

  •  the communication journey map, where we mapped all the communication process between the product and the different users and
  • the personas’ map, where we researched and created the main buyers’ and sellers’ personas.

PagSeguro POS machines

In the last five years, the company has started to develop different kinds of POS machines for small sellers.

It was our first time planning and designing a product to a platform different than computers or mobile phones. When the project started, we weren’t very sure about our limitations.

Create an easy experience for a target public that wasn’t very familiar with technology. In practical ways, it means that we were supposed to design a self-explained interface for the POS, with a type characters limitation.

It’s important to highlight that almost half of the Brazilian population doesn’t have a bank account or don’t use banks anyhow and the used communication that banks practices are not clear tor this public.

Our first step was an interview series to know the small sellers, the ones that didn’t use POS machines and the ones that use POS machines, to understand the problems and challenges they used to face at the moment, not only about the machines but also how they usually run the business.

In the next step, we started to design some interfaces and did user testings. We started with some paper prototyping because it wasn’t a simple process to install a new interface in the machines and also because it was an unusual test and we wanted people to be comfortable to give us their feedback.

After that, we made same prototypes with Axure and did the same process of testing. With these test interviews, we could refine and improve the communication of the interface. Also, discovered some product problems that were communicated to other teams, as the lack of accessibility for blind people.

When the machines were ready we could do some more tests with the sellers, this time considering other aspects as Internet connection and communication speed.

The company has been developing different kinds of machines to give the best solutions for all kinds of small sellers.

User research 

The PagSeguro POS machines are one of the most sold machines in the Brazilian market and were pioneers in giving these solutions for small businesses. We learned a lot about developing a product that was not related to the usual platforms like computers or mobile phones.

My role
Team lead – helping the team planning the different kinds of research and orienting the prototyping.