Luciana Terceiro

UX & User Research

Zettle by PayPal – Tax-compliant system

2019 – 2022

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Zettle by PayPal is one of the most prominent tech companies in Sweden. It focuses on small and medium businesses, providing devices and digital platforms for physical payment solutions. Its most relevant solution is the Zettle card reader. Currently, the company is present in 12 countries.

I worked for more than two years on the tax-compliant service offered in four different markets: Sweden, Norway, France, and Germany. During these two years, the major project was the new tax-compliant system for Germany, according to the novel tax regulation (TSE – Technical Security System in German).


  • The project started closer to the beginning of the corona pandemic, so one of our initial challenges was to organise the teamwork in a different modality. The whole project was performed through remote collaboration, from concept to delivery.
  • Understanding the German legislation was also an expressive challenge, as well as coordinating the work within the external infrastructure providers.
  • Deliver the compliant system within a tight deadline.


  • The goal was to deliver a tax-compliant system that fulfilled the novel regulation and was still easy to understand and use by the business owners’.
  • Delivery of a compliant system to German users before the legal deadline and avoid fines.
  • Offer a trustful and safe platform.

Work process

1. Concept

The initial stage of the project consisted of a series of online workshops on Miro, where the whole team discussed flows and features. The workshops were fundamental to building a shared understanding of the project and its requirements as the team was demanded to work from home.

2. Design and development

From the first prototypes and layouts, communication was constant within the team. Regular workshops and co-creation sessions were scheduled to align and discuss the viability of proposals.

3. Communication

I worked close to other teams like Marketing and Customer Support to guarantee the best communication to customers. One of the goals was to create awareness about the changes and make the transition easier.

4. Constant feedback

Through Customer Support channels and user interviews, it was possible to gather feedback on every release.

My role

UX designer

  • I planned and designed the interfaces and user flows,
  • Planned and performed user interviews and usability sessions,
  • Worked on communication pieces like Help Center and FAQ articles,
  • Coordinated work with Customer Support and Marketing.
  • Facilitate (many) co-creation sessions and workshops

For a period of six months, I also assisted in organising the team, as it had a transition period between a Product Managers change.


During the two years, we delivered the new tax-compliant system, promoting the systems’ migration for users without significant disruptions. The team was successful not only in the first release but in the following ones as well, delivering the new requirements in time, providing a compliant service for customers.

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