Luciana Terceiro

UX & User Reseach

Coletivo Mola – Adus

Adus is a non-government organization whose goal is to help refugees that come to Brazil. They offer different services to immigrants like legal advice, documentation, Portuguese classes, community events, job search, and so on. Their website is a reference point where people could find and understand how the services are offered, how to collaborate with the organization, and other pieces of information like the organization’s history and who are the collaborators.

The organization had the best intentions of helping and offering information to their different users but fail in delivering it in a clear way. Labels that reflect the internal organization and a structure that was familiar only to collaborators were barriers to the outside users.

The website redesign had three goals:

  • to be accessible and understandable to the immigrants and refugees;
  • give orientation to those that would like to collaborate, working for the NGO
  • be easy and clear for those who want to donate

We started the process with an initial workshop with some key collaborators. Our goal was to understand the characteristics of the organization, the main problems and prioritize them.

Mapping the organization

With these results, we designed a service mapping dynamic using cards. Each card in this dynamic represented one area inside the NGO and we used these materials to understand the service flows and the pain points. We interviewed around 20 people, from different areas, collaborators, donators, teachers, and refugees.

After mapping the main service flows and pain points, we had the opportunity to make a design workshop with some collaborators to think about some alternatives and solutions for the problems found.

Our final task was to propose a new architecture for the website that could have a better performance on the problematic points.

Adus implemented a new website with some of our suggestions.

My role
Planning the mapping and creative process. Facilitating the dynamics. Prototyping the new website.