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UOL HOST Cloud services


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After providing web hosting services for several years, UOL Host launched their cloud services in 2014.


The main challenge was to understand who was our potential customers and their needs to project and design the cloud services, resources, and features. Acknowledge customers would allow us to define the best communication, information architecture, and platform usability.


Design a competitive and relevant cloud service for our primary users, developing features with appropriate interface, language, and navigation.

Work process

When planning a cloud service, it’s tempting to design too many features. When observing relevant players in the market like Amazon Cloud Service, the number of features they offer is overwhelming.

Our initial question was, what would it be relevant and suitable for our potential users? Before starting any development, we executed some research on the existing services in the market. After the first inputs, my team and I developed some prototypes to test. In the first sessions, we found that not all developers had the same needs and levels of technological knowledge. The regular developer interested in our services needed fewer features and easy-to-use resources.

Working in a tech company, our reference was the company’s developers and their business needs. But after interviewing potential customers from different types of companies, we understood that companies of various sizes have different needs and routines. Some companies demanded more sophisticated resources and more technical control, while others just needed basic storage management. Also, within these companies, we found technical professionals with various profiles, from super-geek developers to clients that would like to use cloud services but weren’t developers.

We adjusted the expectations and refined the prototypes. The process allowed us to plan a roadmap, prioritise features and provide adequate communication and language.

My role

UX designer and team lead.

As a UX designer, I developed prototypes to test ideas. I conducted user interviews, besides working closely with the product team to refine tools and features.

As the team lead, I assisted the team in planning the different research methods and oriented the prototyping process. I also facilitated conversations and negotiated with stakeholders to achieve the company’s and customers’ best solutions.


We were able to launch a cloud service with a to-the-point list of features pertinent to the target customers. The research and design process allowed the company to focus on the relevant aspects and not dispending time on unnecessary features.

Some of the cloud services launched
Snapshot of cloud control panel and part of the communication explaining the cloud structure
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⇠ Professional portfolio