Luciana Terceiro

UX & User Reseach


UOL Host is one of the largest web hosting companies in Brazil. In 2014 they decided to launch their cloud services.

The challenge was to understand exactly who was our potential users, their needs, desired resources, and features.

Designing a proper cloud service for our main users, planning both interface and resources.

We started with some research in the existing services and did some prototypes to test our options. In our first tests, we discovered that not all developers had the same needs and the same levels of technological knowledge. The regular developer interested in our services needed fewer features and easy-to-use resources.

As we worked in a tech company, we imagined that all the developers had the same needs as the programmers that used to work for the company, and that they also used services in the same way. We discovered, during the process, that it wasn’t exactly like that. We discovered that are some big differences like the super-geek developers and the more basic ones, clients that would like to use the cloud but aren’t really developers.

We adjusted the expectations and started to design prototypes. We tested the options with potential users

My role
Team lead – helping the team planning the different kinds of research and orienting the prototyping process. Negotiating with stakeholders to achieve the best solutions for business and users.