Luciana Terceiro

UX & User Reseach

PagSeguro Control Panel

2014 – 2016


The PagSeguro Internet Banking is the control panel where users can see all their historical transactions, both selling and buying ones. The panel also combine many other features such as complaints and refund money, prepaid card management, easy shipping service, subscription invoices, etc. Due to all the resources and features, the panel was complex to navigate and use.


The most significant challenge was how we could improve the experience without refactoring everything. We knew the panel had many usability problems. Still, we hadn’t a dedicated team for it nor much development time focused on the project.


Our continuous goal was to identify the most critical problems and develop the best solutions for our users with minimal development cost.

Work process

The primary improvement tool was the frequent usability tests where we could map the problems and test the solutions before implementation. We didn’t have a dedicated development team to work on the findings, so we needed to focus on the quick and best cost-effective solutions. So, we continuously promoted usability tests and user interviews to gather data and generate insights.

My role

Team lead – helping the team plan the different kinds of research, orienting the prototyping process, and negotiating with stakeholders to achieve the best solutions for business and users.


Through this process, we could identify the most critical problems and prioritise their solutions. The result was a list of specific improvements, continuously updated, with small projects like a better navigation menu, a new panel’s homepage with more appropriate directions for different uses, a new sales & purchases chronological list, refund features, and so on.

All these helped improve the quality of self-service and led to fewer calls to customer service support.