Luciana Terceiro

UX & User Reseach

UOL HOST: domains, online stores, and web hosting

UOL Host is one of the largest web hosting companies in Brazil. They offer a complete portfolio for online business like e-mail marketing, domains, database, website builder, and so on.

We needed to build a clear communication that could be understandable for non-technical people, the ones that would like to have just a domain and a site, and also for the very technical public, who want to subscribe cloud services, database and be a web hosting reseller.

Designing an easy-to-use control panel, where clients could manage their own services without needing support.


  • Build an effective website for UOL Host, that inform and sell the products and services, for different kinds of users.
  • Develop a control panel that put together all the services, and also build each service panel, accordingly to different users’ profiles.

We were continuously improving the UOL Host website and control panel through a constant process of user research. Among our methods and tools, we used A/B tests to identify the best options since navigation and menu until the information architecture of the pages, not only measuring immediate sells but also following the users’ lifecycle after subscribing to one of the products.

Other tools were:

  • User interviewing: to understand problems, difficulties, and to get to know more about routine and daily actions.
  • Card sorting: to test and elaborate labels and navigation
  • Usability tests: to capture usability problems.

I spent about four years working with UOL Host. When we started, the company had an outdated website with a non-congruent communication. Also, the control panel had a confusing navigation and a technical language, not accessible for all the users.

During the worked years, we could improve the communication through a continuous experience of user research and A/B tests.

My role
Planning and doing user research. Designing prototypes. Working with marketing team to plan and execute A/B tests.